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"You are serious, professional and accomodating. Always solution-oriented and unique in your way of working with previz. I was always safe with your risk assessments"

-Johanna Wennerberg, Producer

Warner Bros

Safer STUNTS with our simple methods

MZ Stunts provides high-class stunts regardless of size, budget or genre.

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Stunt coordinator

Martin K R Zetterlund


  • Stunts in front of the camera

Schooled in Hong Kong and a great understanding of the importance of camera work when it comes to action and other stunts. This is often appreciated by the DOP as I have the knowledge of where to place the camera in order to create the best stunt scenes possible.

  • Make the impossible possible

Falling, burning, crashing and fighting. With the right stunt training and equipment, I make sure the impossible gets possible. The stunt performers in our team have extensive experience in all fields.

  • Real stunts + VFX = Great scene

I have great insight into the digital process of filmmaking and all possibilities that VFX enables. However, the key to great stunt scenes is a real stunt enhanced with VFX. I understand what the VFX artists need to ease their work in post-production.

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