MZ Stunts coordinates and performs a variety of stunts for your project.

Fall - High fall

"All the stunts were done perfectly with the little means you had, no injuries and the actors felt safe."

- Titus Paar, Director

Zero Gravity management


Realistic brawl, nasty abuse, swift martial arts or a simple slap in the face. MZ Stunts makes the best fight scenes in Sweden. 

In addition to choreography and design, we train actors for the project if needed. 


High, nasty or funny. A fall can be performed and executed in a variety of ways. MZ Stunts finds the best solution for your project.

Fire / Burns

Who is burning? How do you want it to look? MZ Stunts have all equipment and knowledge to set a person on fire in a safe and controlled way.

Wire / Stunt rigging

Wires and ropes can be used to enhance a person's physical ability or to defy gravity. Wire stunt is also used to enhance explosions, car hits or to make breathtaking falls. MZ Stunts designs and rigs all types of wire stunts.

Vehicle & Horses

Car chase, sinking boats, tractors rolling over or horses taking off in a wild gallop. MZ Stunts coordinates stunts involving all means of transport.


High dives, drownings or underwater scenes.
MZ Stunts
provides the right team to ensure a safe and successful shoot.​