Stunt workshop - Basic, October 8 

Are you interested in becoming a stuntperformer or maybe you just want another skill that complements your acting? Here is your opportunity!

This course focuses on the basics of stunt and no previous knowledge is required. It is, however, also suitable for you who have been in contact with stuntperforming before but want to grind your skills.

Instructor: Stunt coordinator, Martin K R Zetterlund

6 hours focused on: 

  • Screen fight - Unarmed
  • Reactions
  • Breakfall
  • Foundations of high falls.

Limited numbers of partisipants. Make sure to book your spot

Location:  Enköping

Price: 1900kr (190€)

Would you recommend the course?

"-Yes absolutely! You are pedagogical, have good progression in the exercises, good examples and a great energy. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or a beginner - this course is for everyone!"

Workshop participant - March 26th

Stunt workshop - Intermediate, date tba

This course is for experinced stunt performers who masters the basics. 

This 2-day course delves deeper into stunt techniques and provides an understanding of how to best demonstrate your stunt skills for the camera.

2 days focused on:

  • Screen fight - Unarmed and armed.
  • Reactions
  • Advanced break falls
  • Enhanched reactions (wire)
  • High falls (3-4m)
  • Importance of the camera awareness.

Location:  Enköping

Price: 4800kr (480€)

Instructor: Stunt coordinator, Martin K R Zetterlund

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Basic workshop, October 8
Intermidiate workshop, date tba