MZ Stunts helps you from idea to film

Inspelning av previz för slutfighten i Partisan.


    • Script breakdown
    • Learns imagery and the director's vision

    • Creates previz
    • Trains the actors
    • Casts stunt performers
    • Scene rehearsal 
    • Location recce
    • Presents a detailed risk assessment and action plan


  • Provides safety equipment
  • Briefs the team on today's shoot
  • Complete the stunt scenes within time limits
  • Great risk awareness for unplanned events


  • Assists editor and director in editing
  • Follows up any action if needed
Previz - Car Game
Previz av biljakt i tv-spels anda.
Biljakt previz - Bilstunt.

Power of PREVIZ


A clear picture of how the scene is going to be shot


Easy to adjust the previz to achieve his/her vision.

Providing a sense of the total length of the scene.


Communicates the placement of the camera. 

First AD

Complete shot list to simplify the planning

Ensures that everyone is aiming for the same goal.

Location manager

Indicates the demands of the location.

Art director / Props

Requirements of the scenography and props.

An early indication of what is going to break.

Simplifies shot resets.


 Understanding of costume quality and the

number of costumes doublets needed.


Clarifies which shot that needs blood or a wig.

Understanding stunt doubles similarities. 

VFX, SFX and Armorer

Great tool for framing compositions and

 shooting different scales.

Knowledge of what gun or sword to use.